Bamburgh Library

The Bamburgh Library originated with the Sharp family library established at Bamburgh Castle between the mid-17th and mid-18th Centuries.

Inside a library

Bamburgh Rare Books Library

The Rare Books section has been held by Durham University since 1958. It is particularly strong on 17th Century controversy and science; early anti-slavery literature; extensive runs of both English and foreign early periodicals; some notable early atlases; good holdings of theology, common law and English literature; and some French and Italian literature. There are around 6,335 books including 16 incunabula (of which 6 are English) and 320 foreign 16th century books.


Bamburgh Music Library

Now held in Durham Cathedral, the Music Library reflects the Sharp family’s particular interest in music, including around 40 manuscripts, including secular and sacred; vocal and instrumental. These are largely 17th and 18th Century and were either copied by or for members of the Sharp family, but also include some music from the collection of the Hon Edward Finch (1664-1738).