Community Money Advice, Jarrow

The Parish of Jarrow and Simonside partnered with Community Money Advice in 2022 and the project has grown steadily.

With 66 formal referrals since May 2022, advisors have supported 49 adults with debt and budgeting advice, and 17 with benefit checks, benefit form completion and food bank referrals.  Overall £257,202 worth of debt is being tackled to alleviate the worries of clients.


Clients have been referred from foodbanks, training providers, schools and Job Centre Plus.  Many also struggle with mental health, and the impact of Covid on their employment.  Demand for advice and support continues to rise.

Lord Crewe’s Charity has funded the project start-up costs for two years.

Advisers identified and resolved a case of fraud on a client’s credit card causing him to be in debt of hundreds of pounds and being declined for credit.

Lord Crewe's Charity, glass signage
It was really straightforward and simple, I got sorted straight away. I can’t thank you enough
Jarrow Debt Centre