Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project- Diocese of Durham

The project was set up to respond to the growing needs of Asylum Seekers and Refugees across the Diocese.

It aims to give support directly to those in the system and to support clergy and churches in the Diocese with existing projects and to facilitate the setting up of new projects where there is need.  The project currently employs two staff, a co-ordinator and development worker.  The diocese aims to continue to build relationships with voluntary partners and statutory services to increase co-operation and co-ordination across the sector. Lord Crewe’s Charity has funded the project for two years.



From a Ukraine host   ‘The host drop in has been a valuable space for support especially in the early stages of hosting’

From a family helped to find a house  ‘The house is perfect, we have settled in as a family and love our new home.  Thank you for your help and support’

From a member of a Local Council   ‘The help and support of the Voluntary Sector and Faith groups is invaluable in working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers.  We simply could not do it without you, both your practical help and knowledge of the area are a huge support’