The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project has been established by Durham Diocese to deliver outcomes under their Challenging Poverty missionary priorities, supporting clergy to raise awareness of the issues of poverty, develop sustainable responses to immediate need, and build capacity to contribute effectively to the reform of unjust structures in society.

During the first eight months of 2022 the Bridge Project had significant engagement with 29 projects and 42 clergy, including 12 new contacts.  68% of the parishes fall within the most 20% of deprived parishes as measured by the IMD; in every setting activity is targeted towards pockets of deprivation, often hidden, in local communities.

The latest cost of living crisis is having a big impact on communities, churches and projects, creating an increased demand for food, advice about energy and other costs and increased levels of general anxiety leading to decisions that are likely to have a wider impact on health.

Durham Diocese are committed to challenging poverty by recognising and reflecting, responding in loving service and reforming through challenge to unjust systems.   Events are organised to raise awareness, encourage and resource local activity and bring people together.

Often contact is focussed on reflection, encouragement and sometimes challenge and measurable outcomes are not realised immediately.