Welcome to Lord Crewe's Charity

We are a charity in North-East England, endowed with the estates of Nathaniel, Lord Crewe upon his death in 1721, who continue to award grants for purposes in line with his wishes.


We are a Christian charity supporting Clergy, Education and the Local Community. Our guiding values are Christian stewardship and responsible benevolence.

How we are making a difference

Focusing on our major beneficiaries, Durham Diocese, Newcastle Diocese and Lincoln College, Oxford, we seek to identify where financial support might have the greatest impact, keeping our grant spending under review to maintain relevance against contemporary needs.

Provided in Education Grants to clergy children in the last 10 years.
Total Grants in the last 3 years
IT Grants to schools under Covid in 2020

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We are a Charity that is rich in history

We were founded in 1721 and have been providing support for clergy, education and local communities ever since.

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Our responsibilities in the local area

The Charity believes, as the owner of properties in the areas around Blanchland, Seahouses, Fleetham and Thornton across Northumberland, that support of the local communities is important.

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